Frequently asked Questions

What is E-Waste?

Think of e-waste as anything that you need to plug in that you want to throw out.
Items that are defined as e-waste (things with circuit boards) are not allowed in the trash, and need to be properly recycled and re-purposed by state law. But more than what’s legal, it’s the GREEN thing to do! At eWaste4good, we help you recycle the following items for FREE:

Televisions | Fax Machines | Oscilloscopes | Computer Monitors | Optical Drives | PC Boards
Computers | DVD Players | Loose PCB | Laptops | VCR / Beta | Keyboards | Cables & Cords
Printers | Radios | Computer Mice | Stereo Components | Hard Drives | Tape & Zip Drives
Arcade Machines | Power Tools | Amplifiers | Telephone | Cell Phones | Car Audio

And many more items. Just remember.... If it plugs into a socket or accepts batteries its most likely eWaste

We now are NOT longer accepting appliances and rolling copiers

Is it really FREE to recycle my eWaste?
Yes! We do not charge. There are no hidden fees. Actually we pay the group of your choice (from our drop down list) some of the proceeds of recycling.

How long does it take for someone to schedule my pick up?
Our representatives will try and contact you the same day you submit a pick up request. At the latest 36 hours.

Do you collect any cell phones and/or ink cartridges?
Yes we do pick these items up.

This sounds like a great program, how can my group sign up?
We are glad you asked. There is no fee to sign up and the sooner you do the faster your group will start receiving payments. You can click here and be directed to the sign up page.

How much can my School, Church, Team or other group make with eWaste4good?
It is not uncommon for an group to make $2,000 or more each month. If your group spreads the word on social media with a link and sends out info in news letters the return is great. Everything is priced per pound of eWaste collected.

Where do my old electronics go?

Reuse is our #1 goal!

We strongly believe in reuse over processing (a.k.a. recycling) since even the most responsible processing still has an impact. Here's what happens with your e-waste after it is collected by eWaste4good.

We sort all e-waste into two categories:

Reuse: We refurbish and resell as much equipment as we can to give old electronics a new life.

Processing: Equipment that cannot be refurbished is transported to one of our downstream partners.

See how works:


We ALL have e-waste!
eWaste4good recycles e-waste by proactively collecting it from California residents and businesses.
We prevent landfill process through reuse or recycling. Best of all - we make it simple to do!

eWaste4good makes recycling your old electronics Simple, convenient, and affordable. We come to your
home or business.

If only takes a few minutes to fill out our pick up request form. Once a form is submitted, an eWaste4good
representative will contact you and schedule a pickup day. Easy!

We promptly come to your home or business to collect your e-waste and dust collecting dinosaurs.
The ultimate convenience!

Your e-waste is removed by trained technicians - not garbage men! Items are carefully packed into the
eWaste4good truck to protect from any breakage of electronic devices. We can't reuse a broken device!
Broken devices are still gladly accepted.

Your e-waste is then driven to our Local Sorting Facility, items are separated and classified as either
"reusable" or "recyclable."

Items classified as "reusable" are refurbished and sold at discount prices on ebay, Craigslist, or through
Terracycle. "Recyclable"items are sent "locally" to our recycling partners for processing in the California Bay Area.