Payment Schedule

This table represents the current prices we pay your group for any electronic items
that we pick up from your efforts of advertising. We pay quarterly  to all groups. Remember the more
you let people know about your year round ewaste program the more pick up request will
come in. Be creative. Send out a bulk email with the ewaste4good link, advertise in your
local newspaper, news channels love ewaste drives, mention ewaste4good in your newsletter
or phone list, the ideas are limitless!! So what are you waiting for? Good Luck!!

Price to organization
Description of item
 TV's, LCD's, Monitors
 $0.06 per LB.
 Any Condition
(Broken or Working)
 Computer Towers, Servers Complete
 $0.08 per LB.
 90% Complete
 Computer Towers , Servers Incomplete
 $0.04 per LB.
(missing parts)
 Laptops Complete
 $0.30 per LB.
Laptops Incomplete
 $0.15 per LB.
Cell Phones / MP3 Players
 $1.00 per LB.
Any Condition
 Other Electronics
 $0.01 per LB.
 Any Condition


Download forms and advertising tools

(Click on each thumbnail to download. You will need the free adobe acrobat reader to view and print in PDF)

The #1 tool is Facebook! Let others know about your program and share a link to your page!!

The #2 tool is door hangers. Send us an email to and we will mail you customized full color door hangers.


1. Donation Flyer (front)
    Donation Flyer (back)
Print out as many flyers as you need. Hand them out to people, leave
a stack with a local business, leave them on doors, use your imagination!


If you have people leaving items with you at a central location, you
must use this form to collect information from each individual person or business. Please make sure to get phone numbers.

This page can be inserted into church programs. Have attendees
fill out the form and drop it in the collection basket.

This can be hung in cooperating storage facilities.

This small poster can be hung on bulletin boards and anywhere else you think it will be noticed. (editable pdf, type in your groups's name)

Download Full Size
This is an approximate map of our coverage area. We may be able
to pickup outside of our service area if the pickup is large enough.